Pinky Punky ToeBlooms

Pinky Punky ToeBlooms
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Product Description

This pair of light pink ToeBlooms is perfect for those dressier outifts! The light pink satin is a wonderful backdrop for the beautful light pink flower. The flower is carefully layered with tulle and completed with a beautiful crystal embellishment. The Pinky Punky ToeBlooms pair perfectly with our matching Pinky Punky Headband!


Pinky Punky HairBloom by ToeBlooms
Pinky Punky

New Bloom!


This beautiful light pink headband pairs perfectly with our Pinky Punky ToeBlooms. The two light pink flowers are carefully layered with light pink tulle and completed with beautiful crystal embellishments. The band is made from matching light pink satin elastic.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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