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Product Information
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Due to the nature of our products, we like to keep you updated on recalls, special instruction, and press releases. Please use the follow in to educate your self and protect your family. Thanks, Lu Lu B's

2012 Nap Nanny will be closin their doors. This is due to mis use of the product not a recall.

Please visit for more details.

Nap Nanny Recall (We only have sold second generation, which is a labal recall only)

Moby Wrap Instructional Video

See Below for Moby Wrap Benefits...

Moby Benefits
Moby Massage

Touch is vital to healthy infant growth & development

By design, Moby Wrap baby carriers provide babies needed physical and emotional contact, while offering parents hands-free security. You will often see "Moby-wearing" parents or caregivers gently comforting, patting or stroking babies with their free hands. Recognizing this instinctual response, Moby has teamed up with Infant Massage USA in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of touch.

We hope you enjoy this unique series of infant massage strokes: Moby Massage Instructions

Key Benefits of Massage

Fosters crucial elements of bonding: eye-to-eye and skin-to-skin contact, smiling and soothing sounds Enhances parent-infant communication Boosts prenatal confidence Promotes infant weight gain Established positive sleep patterns Improves infant digestion and immunity

Before you begin

Show baby your hands and ask: "May I give you a massage?" Watch for baby's nonverbal cues of acceptance before beginning massage If baby smiles or seeks eye-to-eye contact, then proceed If baby turns away, coughs, frowns or fusses, then try again later
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Moby Fitness
A must-have for every active mom is a Moby Wrap baby carrier...Check out all the exercises Moby allows you and baby to do!
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